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  • Gobi Nomad Homestay Adventure 5 days

    Gobi Nomad Homestay Adventure 5 days

    This budget Gobi Nomad Homestay Adventure will give you an in-depth insight into Mongolian nomadic culture while visiting all the famous Gobi Desert sight. Next Departure: 22 - 26 Oct, and all year as private tour
  • Lake Hovsgol “City Detox”

    Lake Hovsgol “City Detox”

    Take the time to sit back, relax and soak in the beauty of the Pearl of Mongolia on our Lake Hovsgol City Detox 4 day tour - Available from June to mid September.
  • Spring Gobi Adventure

    Spring Gobi Adventure

    Why waste your Spring in Ulaanbaatar when you can go on a Spring Gobi Adventure and have a grand tour of all the famous Gobi sights in only 6 days, from sand dunes to dinosaur bones! Stay with nomadic families and see fluffy camels and baby animals. Group discounts guaranteed. …


Fly over the lush green steppe or speed down a river teaming with fish. See what activities we offer

  • Rafting and Kayaking

    Rafting and Kayaking

    Available: June to mid September
  • Dog Sledding

    Dog Sledding

    Dog sledding in Mongolia is a magical experience. You will never forget the feeling of speeding through the snowy landscape driving your own team of eager huskies. This winter we are offering exclusive deals just …
  • Horse Riding

    Horse Riding

    Available: All year in most locations
  • Tandem Paragliding

    Tandem Paragliding

    Available: All year in select locations (weather dependent)
  • Camel riding

    Camel riding

    Available: All year in select locations


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Outstanding, caring service. When I was unable to complete the tour due to a medical condition, Bold took charge, rescheduled my flight from the Gobi to UB, contacted a physician, personally met me upon arrival,

Arnold Watland

Anyone who wants a ride of a life time, take one of these for a spin. Absolutely exhilarating! It was better than driving my Ferrari! -28 November 2016  Dog Sledding Day Trip

Alex Raymond

I could not have connected with a better tour operator in Mongolia. [Bold] totally customized the tour package for me. I have a strong interest in Mongolian archery and he got me in touch with

Min Son

Had an amazing trip to the 2017 Golden Eagle Festival in western Mongolia with Bold and driver Khukhan. As there were only 2 travellers on the trip, we basked in the constant attention to our

Brenda Boucher

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