Our Gobi Nomad Homestay Adventure is a once in a life time short tour to see the highlights of Mongolian culture and countryside. Travelling from steppe, through mountains, to the vast Gobi desert and sand dunes you will see all sorts of flora and fauna, from the steppe eagle to the tiny pika. Climb to the top of the famous “singing sand dunes”, ride a Bactrian Camel and search for dinosaur bones. Encounter true nomadic spirits and feel the heartwarming hospitality of the herders who live in one of the harshest environments on the planet.

Wild Bactrian Camels


  • Tsagaan Suvarga, or “white stupa”, is a stunning and unusual rock formation that looks like a ruined city. The striped sedimentary rock looks very beautiful in the evening light. 
  • Visit Yol Valley and the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan Mountains, home to the Lammergeier.
  • Find hidden dinosaur bones at the world famous Flaming Cliffs.
  • Stay with nomadic families to nurture a deep understanding of nomadic culture.
  • Climb to the top of the famous “singing sand dunes” and ride a Mongolian Bactrian camel.


28 NOV3 DEC6
13 JAN17 JAN6

*Available all year as a private tour. 

PROGRAM: Gobi Nomad Homestay Adventure

Day 1 – Start early morning from Ulaanbaatar towards Tsagaan Suvarga, 370km in total. Enjoy a BBQ lunch and some hiking on the way. Overnight next to a nomadic family, shared ger. 

Day 2 – After breakfast start the drive to the Yol Valley National Park. Arrive after lunch at the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan Mountain range and the Yol Valley National Park. Hike through the valley to the ice river with the chance to see Lammergeier, ibex and many small mammals such as the cute pika. Stay overnight in a family run guesthouse or next to nomadic family, shared ger. 

Day 3: Drive to Khongor sand dunes, known as the Singing Sand Dunes. Today you can ride a bactrian camel and try to climb to the top of the highest sand dunes. You will be rewarded with breath-taking views. Overnight in ger next to camel herding family, shared ger.

Day 4: Spend the morning with a family, learn about traditional crafts and the nomadic culture, try your hand at camel hair rope making. After lunch drive to Bayanzag, the Flaming Cliffs. Hike across the cliffs and wait for the sunset for spectacular views of the red rock lit by the last rays of the sun. Overnight with a local family who know where to find hidden dinosaur eggs! Shared ger. 

Day 5: After and early breakfast drive 5-6 hours back to Ulaanbaatar stopping at a herder family or guanz for lunch. Opportunities for sightseeing and hiking on the way. 


English speaking guide, transportation by 4×4 vehicle throughout, accommodation as per itinerary and meals, all entrance fees and taxes, camel riding, horse riding.

Please contact Bold and Anna to get the full itinerary and a quote or to make modifications to meet your needs.

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