From 1 hour to a full day, enjoy nature with an energetic pal to pull you along. Hike through forest, over steppe and along the river with a friendly husky companion. You can learn about this amazing working snowdog breed and about dog sledding from our knowledgeable dog handlers. Available only in Terelj National Park and surrounding areas and subject to availability. If it is too hot for the dogs, we reserve the right to cancel the hike or change the location. Our dogs’ well-being always comes first!

Our dogs are all rescues that we have adopted or that have been bred for sledding in our kennels. Our huskies are working dogs, and not pets, but they still love to play and are very affectionate. They are good with children, but sometimes want to play too much, so some small children (under 4) may be intimidated by their size and energy.

We provide belt, leads and harness for the hiking. We provide treats and water for the dogs on hikes.

Available April to October.