EXPAT Adventure Travel is the only tour company in Mongolia specializing in Paragliding Mongolia tours, expeditions and fixing. We also offer tandem flights as an activity. 

Our CEO, Bold, is a licensed paragliding pilot and instructor as well as the Founder of the Paragliding Club Mongolia. Bold personally plans and oversees all our paragliding tours in addition to piloting our tandem flights.

PERIOD: All year (depending on daily weather forecast)

Day Trips

Day trips

Option 1-Yarmag

Flight instruction and 5 minute tandem flight with licensed tandem pilot over Ulaanbaatar and Bogd Khan Mountain.

Price: 60 USD per person

Option 2-Tsonjin Boldog

Drive 100km outside of Ulaanbaatar to a beautiful steppe and mountain location. Flight instruction and 5-10 minute tandem flight with licensed tandem pilot giving you views of the giant Chinggis Khan Equestrian Statue and the Tuul River valley.

Includes: Transfer to and from Ulaanbaatar, English language instruction, go-pro footage of flight, all equipment necessary including helmet, activities as per above.

1 PAX: 90 USD  |  2 PAX: 85 USD  |  3 PAX: 70 USD  |  4 PAX: 60 USD

For an extra 65 USD per person we can include a 10 minute gyrocopter flight over the Chinggis Khaan Equestrian Statue (depending on availability)

Group discounts available. Please contact Bold to get your quote.
All costs are per person

Add-on activity

Add-on a tandem paragliding flight as an activity to any of our tours.

Price: 60 USD

Includes: Transfer to and from flyable location, English language instruction, photos and video of flight, all equipment necessary including helmet.

Please note: The chance to fly depends on the weather conditions. 

Expeditions and Fixing

We can arrange paragliding expeditions and tours, providing suitable vehicles, routes and knowledgeable translators or fixers. In the last 4 years we have arranged paragliding expeditions all over Mongolia, most recently the X-Gobi Project with Gin Gliders and K2.

Contact us for more info.


If you are planning an expedition or a solo flight in Mongolia, we urge you to contact the experts and not to go-it-alone. Mongolian weather is very changeable and unpredictable and there is a vast area of remote land, with medical facilities being few and far between. Therefore if you have not flown in Mongolia before, DO NOT fly without registering with the official Paragliding Club Mongolia to gain advice and information from local pilots. When you do fly, inform someone where you are flying, and set a time to check in with a trusted contact. 

Please note: We will only do tandem flights if the conditions are safe so the chance to fly depends on the weather conditions.

Bookings for tandem flights can be made and held throughout the year however bookings will only be CONFIRMED 10 days in advance due to changeable weather conditions. Once the weather has been clarified, we can set the time for the flight. If the weather is not suitable, we can re-arrange for another day.