For summer adventurers we can arrange rafting and kayaking on Mongolia’s bountiful rivers and lakes.

For day trips or weekend trips out of Ulaanbaatar the Tuul and Terelj Rivers are excellent places to bob downstream with family and friends. For the more adventurous we can arrange rafting or kayaking expeditions around Mongolia’s “5 Rivers” area in Northern Mongolia and Khovsgol Lake.

We provide life-jackets as standard and helmets on request.

Our rafting is child friendly! Last summer our youngest rafter was 3 years old.

kayaking and rafting

Locations available:

  • Terelj and Khentii area (100 km plus from UB)
  • Khovsgol Lake
  • Hovd

Suggested Tours:

  • Weekend Get-Away to Terelj throughout summer
  • Hovsgol Lake “City Detox” (4 days) throughout summer
  • August 4-18 (dependent on flights): Altai Eagle Experience, Malchin Trek and White River Kayaking (10-12 days)