3 Winter Events in Mongolia You Absolutely Must See

Embrace the chill with these three unbeatable events happening this March. Kiss the winter blues goodbye with a Mongolian adventure to kick start 2024. Read below to find out what the must see off-season events are this year.

Get ready to trade your everyday routine for a winter adventure like no other! Mongolia, with its snow-kissed landscapes and vibrant traditions, beckons you to experience three extraordinary events that promise an authentic and unforgettable winter travel experience. For those seeking a unique escapade in the heart of Asia, these events are tailor-made for you.

1. The 1000 Camel Festival: A Nomadic Extravaganza

Dates: 6th-7th March 2024

Kick off your Mongolia adventure with the spectacular 1000 Camel Festival. Held on the vast plains of the Gobi Desert, this unique event celebrates the central role of camels in Mongolian nomadic culture. From camel races to traditional herding displays, you’ll witness the nomadic way of life come alive. Immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere as locals showcase their horsemanship and hospitality, offering you a glimpse into Mongolia’s rich nomadic heritage.

Waiting camels at the Mongol Nomadic Show

2. Khovsgol Ice Festival: Frozen Marvels on Asia’s Deepest Lake

Dates: 2nd-3rd March 2024

For an icy extravaganza, head to the Khovsgol Ice Festival on the shores of the stunning Khovsgol Lake. Marvel at the skillful ice sculptures, take part in thrilling winter sports, and warm up by the bonfire as you enjoy traditional music and dance. This event, set against the backdrop of snow-covered mountains, guarantees an authentic Mongolian winter experience that will leave you enchanted.

3. Nauryz: Welcoming Spring in Traditional Style

Dates: 20th March 2024

Wrap up your winter journey by celebrating Nauryz, Mongolia’s vibrant spring festival. On the 20th of March, join locals in ushering in the new season with traditional games, colourful parades, and delicious feasts. Experience the warmth of Mongolian hospitality as you participate in age-old customs that mark the end of winter and the beginning of a new, promising season.

Where adventure meets authenticity

Escape the ordinary and venture into Mongolia’s winter wonderland, where adventure meets authenticity. Whether you’re captivated by nomadic traditions, mesmerized by icy spectacles, or drawn to the cultural richness of spring celebrations, these three events promise an unparalleled winter travel experience. Pack your sense of wonder and get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime in this enchanting corner of Asia.

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