“Be Nomadic” Gobi Adventure

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tourists riding camels in the Gobi desert on a tour with Expat Travel Mongolia

An overland journey to immerse you deep into the nomadic culture. Travel from steppe, over mountain and across the desert to see the world famous sites of Mongolia’s heartland and Gobi.


  • Walk through glacial valleys in Yolin Am (Eagle Valley)
  • Ride camels to the Singing Sand Dunes
  • Discover the Flaming Cliffs at sunset
  • Learn ancient skills from nomadic herders and experience their renowned hospitality
Photography at the Flaming Cliffs on a tour with Expat Travel Mongolia



This overland adventure takes you winding through the heartland of Mongolia, deep into the countryside, to find the highlights of Mongolian culture and beauty.

Travel from steppe, to mountain, to vast desert and sand dunes to find beauty in places you least expect, from the desert flowers to multi-hued granite cliffs. Meet horse herders out on the steppe and stop by their family ger for a cup of milk tea.

Visit the site of Mongolia’s ancient capital city, Kharkhorin, where you can see student monks chanting prayers. Cross the vast boundary between steppe and desert and enter into the legendary Gobi. Ride a camel and climb the famous “singing sand dunes”. Search for dinosaur fossils in the flaming cliffs of the south Gobi.

See herds of camel wander through lush green oasis and learn about this unique herding lifestyle from a local family. Encounter true nomadic spirits and feel the heart warming hospitality of the herders who live in one of the harshest environments on the planet.





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