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Hiking the Khugno Khan Mountain with Expat Travel Mongolia

Available all year, this popular tour gives you a chance to see the different sides of Mongolia, from steppe, to desert, to mountain and lush forest. This itinerary is our most popular tour for those who want to see a little bit of everything.


  • See stunning landscapes: desert, steppe and mountains
  • Discover Mongolia’s ancient past in Kharkhorin
  • Find rare wildlife in Khugno Khan, Terelj and Hustai
  • Try kayaking, paragliding, horse riding or dog sledding
  • Stay with nomadic herders and experience their renowned hospitality
Kayaking on the Terelj River with Expat Travel Mongolia



This short trip gives you the chance to experience the diverse desert, steppe, taiga, and mountain landscapes of Mongolia. Bayangobi (meaning rich gobi) has a completely unique ecology, with mountains, sand dunes and freshwater marshlands, frozen during winter.

The wildlife is abundant and you are sure to see many birds of prey in the Khugno Khan Nature Reserve. Ride a camel, climb on sand dunes and discover the hidden ruins of a 17th century monastery.

Visit the ancient capital of Kharkhorin to see the peaceful lives of the Buddhist Monks, now living and studying in the Erdene Zuu Monastery. You can also see the world’s only remaining truly wild horses at the world famous Khustai National Park.

Have an adventure in the Terelj National Park, a beautiful area of forests, rivers and mountains before seeing the majestic Chinggis Khan Equestrian Statue.





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